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About Gemsmith

This page provides information about Gemsmith, the jewelry boutique where Ketti creates.

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gemsmith Boutique

Just minutes from the tranquil beaches of the Jersey Shore, the family owned and operated boutique, Gemsmith, has been the epitome of personalized luxury for nearly three decades. It's Principal Designer, Ketti Schoenfeld, serves second and third generations of clients who return for the high quality metalsmithing and timeless, personalized designs. Gemsmith delivers a unique jewelry experience that holds no rival. Ketti continues to create in the boutique and the design collections by Ketti are also available here.

Ketti's process begins with YOU, the muse. She has mastered the art of combining the nuances of each client’s vision, to create pieces that both identify and inspire.

Let Ketti capture and celebrate you in a personalized creation that expresses your uniqueness.


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